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Happy New Year Lovers.

What an incredible 2017 it was. Now, let's cheers to an even better 2018.

Wilson and I celebrated New Years Eve at Bobèche for the second year in a row, which, may quite frankly become a NYE tradition. Bobèche is a carnival-styled speakeasy bar located in Brookfield Place that takes inspiration from the golden era of cocktails and works on perfecting the classics. Famous for their signature teapot cocktails and complimentary popcorn, this cute little spot has definitely become a favourite of ours. To celebrate the night, I decided it would be relevant to wear this shimmering champagne silk dress from Hansen and Gretel paired with my classic Furla bag and new Gucci Marmont Midi-Sandals which, Wils gifted me for Christmas (the best gift I've ever received). It was definitely more of a relaxing night enjoying each others company with a glass in each hand - really looking forward to more of these kind of nights this coming year.

Hansen & Gretel Dress, Reliquia Necklace, Furla Bag, Gucci Heels.

Photographer / Wilson Lam



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