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De Fleur Creative is a professional creative photography service which, takes pride in producing high quality, commercial imagery for Luxury Brands. We provide premium services including creative direction, product styling, photography, editing, re-touching, location scouting as well as offer complimentary inspiration and/or recommendations. We are extremely passionate about creating outstanding visuals - not only focusing on the bigger picture but all the finer details as well. Originality is something we are very conscious of when creating imagery for our clients so, you can rest assure that everything we create is one of a kind. Although we are versatile in the work we do - we specialise in Business Portraits, Events, Editorial Fashion, Interior and Product Photography. Limited spots for Engagement and Wedding Photography. 

De Fleur Creative has had the pleasure of working with premium Australian brands such as Linneys Jewellery, Olympia Creative, Natalie Rolt, Lakeside Joondalup, Hayley Parker PR.

Our work has been featured on Beauticate, Gritty Pretty, Envelopes by Olympia.

To see more of our work, click here or visit us on Instagram @defleurcreative.

For any inquiries, please contact us via e-mail or leave us a message here.

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