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My current go-to skin care by SASSOU JAPAN infuses a very luxurious element into all their products- 24K gold. I have been using their Gold Shimmering Essence EX, morning and night and the Goldwaver Eye Shiteru, every night consistently for the past two months to provide an honest review of this skincare. I've only just started using the Gold Beauty Cleansing Bar and I already absolutely love it.

A little history lesson on the brand. Spending over 50 years of formulating effective skincare that contains natural plant extracts and premium gold leaves, SASSOU JAPAN's discoveries show that gold can ultimately rejuvenate your skin cells, improve blood circulation and enhance your skins metabolism by revitalising dormant skin tissues and cell competency. With modern Japanese technology, SASSOU JAPAN's skincare is effectively formulated to fight against the cause and signs of ageing such as dark spots, dull skin complexion, fine lines and wrinkles whilst also ensuring that they only use the most natural ingredients.

This Gold Beauty Cleansing Bar, $100 effectively penetrates into the pores and extracts impurities with its fine, delicate lather. It features four key ingredients including Gold for detoxing, brightening and increasing collagen production, Arnica Montana Flower Extract to reduce inflammation, acne and skin disorders, Lamium Album Flower Extract for skin soothing and Honey for skin rejuvenation, hydration and to repair skin damage. To use, place the bar into the net under water to create a lather, put the bar aside then massage the lather onto your face for 15-30 seconds, wash off and pat dry for a squeaky clean yet hydrated feeling skin.

I live for SASSOU JAPAN's Gold Shimmering Essence EX, $200 which, merges the pore refining benefits of a toner with the hydrating properties of a serum to restore skin health on a cellular level. Infusing 24k gold and platinum with a wealth of natural ingredients including honey and olive leaf extract, the essence balances electrolytes in the skin while working on any redness and fighting off those nasty free radicals. The essence has a translucent gel-like texture and a very light, pleasant fragrance. It pumps out pieces of premium 24k gold leaf which, you gently pat onto your face until fully absorbed. The results are definitely noticeable as my skin always feels and instantly looks hydrated and dewy after application.

Lastly, the Gold Eye Shiteru, $135 is an ultra-nourishing, gold-infused gel formula that melts into the delicate eye area to instantly hydrate and brighten. It contains a world first soluble collagen formula that works on reducing fine lines, wrinkles and dark circles and also improves water retention for a plump, youthful appearance. I love massaging on this eye gel with my finger tips around my eye area in the evenings as I prefer to apply more specific treatments during the night. It does leave a slight sticky residue around the eyes which, works to illuminate the eye area during the day and I also feel like it's letting me know that it's working it's magic on my eyes. It also mentions that you can keep it in the fridge for a cooling effect which, I will definitely be doing when the weather starts to heat up!

Overall, I have really enjoyed using these SASSOU JAPAN skin care products. Each product works really well on my combination/sensitive skin and it is such a luxurious way to look after your skin, I mean - who wouldn't feel like a queen as they apply 24k gold to their face?!



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