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Let's be real for a moment. Life is a total roller coaster consisting of highs, lows, turns and circles. You're happy, you're sad, you go different directions and sometimes you will re-visit certain points in your life. Everyone faces their own obstacles and dilemmas and although I'm sure many of us wish life was easy for them.. How would we learn or grow as a human if everything was just given to us? I'm very grateful to have what I have as well as to have been brought up with a drive in me that pushes me to do better and to work hard for what I want.

Everyone will hit negative points in their life, some more that others. Karma is a bitch. But, instead of turning into a negative person from these negative experiences.. I always think "Someone out there has it worse than me" and if you're reading this in a room with a roof over your head and access to wi-fi then you definitely have it better than most people in the world.

I consider myself as someone who is pretty positive most of the time. Of course, sometimes I will feel anxious when attending events or shooting in front of one too many people, uncontrollable things will happen in life that will get my mood down and sometimes little things will annoy me- heck, I'm no saint which, is why I'm sharing these five thoughts that help me stay positively grounded throughout the year.

See the good in things. Every situation you encounter, you get to decide whether it's good or bad and of course you will react to it in the way that you do. Try to see things in a positive light or put yourself in their shoes. No one is perfect so why be bitter about situations that can be easily avoided.

Surround yourself with the people and things you love. This is one that I live by. Being around the people and things you love most with 110% improve your happiness. The ones who support you, motivate you and are unconditional are the best kind and I'm lucky enough to have a few. Also, everyone has a personal thing they love to do - I love being out and about- getting coffee, going to the markets, to the beach, having brunch or even just going for a bubble tea run (Getting a few good snaps in the process is always a bonus) - doing these things always manages to boost my mood. Find those things, do them as often as you want and you'll be much happier. Be kind, be courteous. Hello, How are you?, Thank You, You're Welcome, Goodbye. When did these words start to disappear? Is anyone really too busy to be kind and courteous? The amount of people that I have encountered that are so impolite really confuses me. Why? It's not hard at all to be kind and well mannered- please stay at home if you can't be either or both at the same time.

Delete all the negative people from your life. Just by reading this sentence you may have a few names in mind. This one is a no brainer. Why keep those who are negative in you life? Why do they have the right to control your happiness? Kick them to the curb and be done with them. You'll feel so much better after they're gone. Be happy.

At the end of the day, what you do in your life is yours to keep forever so do what makes you happy and fight for what you think is right. You don't want to be someone who turns 90 and regret all the thing they could have done. If you want to do it- do it now. Why be blessed with a life to live and choose to be miserable? Travel the world, find true love, start your own business; do what you want to do because at least you know you've tried, succeeded maybe but as long as you're happy- that's a life worth living for.

Your own happiness is entirely up to you.

Good luck to you all on your own pursuits to happiness.

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