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Mother's Day is only a week away and this year, I wanted to create something special for my mama bear. I've teamed up with some of the best to share with you a special moment captured by De Fleur Creative.

I had the pleasure of styling my mother with Pandora jewellery before giving her the most delicate, luxurious blooms by my favourite florist Ebb & Fleur. She absolutely adored the flowers and how beautiful they smelt.

I recently went on a short trip with my mother back to her country, Malaysia. I learned so much about her past over this short trip and it made me realise how absolutely incredible she is. Growing up from literally nothing - dirt poor from a small village with 9 other siblings to look after to where she is right now with us, her family and her successful self-owned business. She told me about her roller coaster ride through life and how she battled with so many demons and still overcame all the obstacles life gave her when she was my age. She really is extraordinary.

I am so, so lucky to have grown up with such a great quality of life here in Australia provided by both my parents. They sacrificed so much just so that we could have a better life and for that I am eternally grateful.

It's always a special moment when you are able to give back to her by treating her to dinner or giving her little gifts every now and again, just so she knows how much you appreciate her.

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