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I am currently obsessed with Jo Malone's Blackberry and Bay Cologne, a beautifully sharp and very unique scent. In all honesty, Jo Malone has never been a brand that I associated myself with - maybe because I haven't yet traveled to Europe.. it has never really made an impact on my life until about three months ago. I wandered into a beautiful little Jo Malone counter in the Perth Myer Store - only window shopping at that time and happen to come across the "English Oak & Hazelnut Cologne' - safe to say, I was instantly hooked. I ended up gifting this particular one to my love for Christmas later that month as to me, it comes across as more of a delicious men's scent. Jo Malone do not consider their fragrances to be gender fragrances but unisex which, makes it more okay for me to secretly wear on occasion - yay. In the gift bag, there were two little samples for us to try which, included the Blackberry & Bay Cologne - this is the start of my infatuation with this scent.

It wasn't until Valentines Day when my beautiful friend Lisa booked us in for a hand and arm massage at that same counter and of course I had to purchase it there and then. The lovely Rosa gave us an amazing hand and arm massage, using the body and hand wash, body and hand lotion and a spritz of the fragrance to layer the scent on one arm then the bath oil, body creme and another spritz of a different fragrance to show that you can mix fragrances to create a unique scent. It was such a lovely experience - I highly recommend it.

Now, about this cute London-inspired dress. I spotted it at Zara and couldn't say no.

Zara dress, Gucci heels, Linneys necklace, The Daily Edited Clutch, Pandora ring + earrings.

Photographer, Wilson Lam.



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