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A beautiful evening at Linney's King Street, celebrating an exclusive preview of the new Butterfly Lovers Collection which, will be released at the end of November.

Showcasing bold and new designs, The Butterfly Lovers Collection is based around the bond between two people and the ability of jewellery to capture their love stories. "Individual love stories are intrinsically linked to jewellery, with each piece a symbol that celebrates life's most special moments. Butterfly Lovers is a Chinese love story that embodies the feelings and emotions of our own individual love stories. Attraction, companionship, despair and love. In much the same way as Romeo an Juliet's love story, the couple cannot be together despite their strong connection. However in The Butterfly Lovers story the couple is eventually reunited - flying away together as free spirited butterflies." - Justin Linney


61 King Street,

Perth W.A. 6000



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