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The evolution of personal style is truly an amazing thing. I recently went on a trip down memory lane, browsing through and erasing some of my old images back to 2006 - when I first got my hands on my older brother's compact camera. My style was so, so different as a teen (very dorky), up until I first took interest in make up and fashion in about 2010 and of course, my sense of style improved dramatically. Even as recent as 2014 - I still cringe at some unsightly pairings - Can you believe I loved neon pink? I guess I still do in a way but I don't think you'll ever see it on me again.

I've discovered this year that the more curated my style becomes, the more I've been investing in quality clothing and accessories. My style has become a lot more minimal both in style and in colour. For clothing I'm all about - black, white, greys and blush and for accessories - all black with gold hardware. For the past year or so I've been sporting my Baby Audrey Celine Sunglasses which, I must say I absolutely adore - they are such a classic. I've been wanting a pair of cat eyed sunglasses for as long as I can remember now - I remember obsessing over some Tom Ford ones, I think they were called 'Nikita' quite a few years back but of course I could never afford them at that time.

I came across 'The Last Lolitas' by Le Specs on Instagram last month and was dying for them but wasn't sure what they would look like on me - it takes me months to decide whether or not I should invest in something - especially anything I can't try on first and costs over $100. As I finally decided to get them - I went back on the website and bam - they were out of stock. As it's a limited edition, I was quite upset for sometime but am a firm believer of fate so, if it wasn't meant to be then so be it. A week or so after that, I went back on the Le Specs website to consider looking at a different colour and it says 'Will be back in stock end of October' so, of course I waited for the Black Smoke Mono. I was so excited but also quite nervous when it arrived as I didn't know if it would suit my face structure - 'I could just take pretty photos of it right?' Wrong. - what's the point of investing in something you wont even wear? So, I tried it on and it suited me just fine! Thank goodness.

Céline Baby Audrey pictured above.



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