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Enter the world of Ruby Chocolate with a sensory experience at San Churro.

Arriving at San Churro Subiaco, I was super excited to be one of the first in Australia to indulge in the limited-addition 'Real Ruby' Chocolate Experience. Ruby Chocolate is the newest chocolate discovery after 80 years and is considered the fourth natural chocolate after milk, dark and white. It is derived from the Ruby Cocoa Bean grown in Ecuador, Brazil and the Ivory Coast. Ruby Chocolate has berry and hints of citrus notes with a smooth texture, its flavours and colour are all naturally occurring elements within the Ruby Cocoa Bean.

The experience is a two-part dine-in experience. The first part is a sensory chocolate tasting accompanied by narration which, walks you through the ages of chocolate history as well as educates you on subtle tasting notes of the four chocolates. White 37% cocoa butter, Ruby 47% cocoa, Milk 36% cocoa, Dark 59% cocoa. Following the tasting, we move onto the second part - a dramatic dessert reveal. The dessert features San Churro's delicious made-to-order Spanish churros covered in velvety smooth Ruby Chocolate, all enveloped in a scented berry mist.

San Churro will be the first retailer to launch Ruby nationwide on the 10th of September, celebrating with their 'Real Ruby Chocolate Experience'. Book your tickets now as there is a limited number of seatings available. Tickets are $35pp excluding booking fee. Click here to book.



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