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Welcome to the first edition of our new 'Dine: A Food Guide' series featuring the popular beachside restaurant, Bib & Tucker. For this series, I'll be sharing some of my favourite eateries, café's, brunch spots, dessert spots etc. around Perth and beyond. It's no secret that I'm a food lover so, it only felt natural to photograph and write about food - among all the other things I love. For those who don't know, I've been a vegetarian for 10 years now and so all of the dishes I review will be vegetarian options. Although, if you do see any reviews on a meat dish - it will likely be reviewed by Wilson.

I was lucky enough to be invited to Bib & Tucker's Summer Sundowner on a beautiful Thursday night - showcasing their new Summer Menu. As I entered the modern Australian restaurant - I was shown to the balcony where the event was being held. Long tables were set up simply but still beautifully and just being able to mingle with good company and wind down after a long day - watching magical pink dust glimmer in the sky and settle over the spectacular Indian Ocean as the sun set - really was something else. A simple pleasure in life.

As everyone arrived for the event - we were treated to a refreshing glass of Aperol or Elderflower Spritz. I opted for the Elderflower as it was the sweeter option. We all took our seats and started with Gin Gin Olives, their delicious Flat Bread & Burrata and their Bib & Tucker Ceviche, a lightly cured fish dish. The Flat Bread was amazing - it was covered in smoky tomatoes, fried capers, Margaret River vinegar and the Burrata - a fresh Italian cow milk cheese made from mozzarella cream, the outer shell is solid mozzarella and the inside contains stracciatella and cream which gives it a oozing soft texture. So delicious.

Next was the Wood Fired Exmouth Tiger Prawns, and the Beetroot Garden which, is actually a Vegan and Gluten Free option. This was my favourite dish of the night as it was so fresh, the textures were just right and it was bursting with flavour. The Beetroot Garden contains Fire Pit Beetroot, Black Barley Risotto (just incredible), Cashew, Fermented Golden Beetroot, Amaranth and Coastal Greens.

For mains, there were two meat dishes as pictured above. There was the Charcoal Roasted Ranger Valley Rump Cap and Jerked Lamb Breast with a side of Crispy Royal Blue Potatoes. I kindly asked if there was a vegetarian option although, I was totally fine with the Potatoes as they were delicious with the Fermented Chilli Mayo, and Saltbush Dukkah - they ended up cooking the Fremantle Oyster Mushrooms for me (feeling a bit special) which, is also Vegan and Dairy Free. This dish was amazing. I've never had anything like this so I was pleasantly surprised at how delicious it was. Of course, I shared it with my table; Sandy, Marnie and Jenelle who all loved it as well.

Lastly, for dessert we had The Bombe and Yuzu Tart. Both were beautifully presented and very delicious.

Overall, Bib & Tucker is definitely one to put on your 'to dine' list. Whether you go for lunch after a morning swim this Summer or for dinner with family or friends - the presentation, quality and flavours of the food and drinks is just perfect. Service was lovely and the venue is well designed, decor is simple and modern with an open kitchen and bar and they also have new transparent barriers around the balcony to protect guests from stormy or windy days. I will definitely be back for the Beetroot Garden and the Fremantle Oyster Mushroom this Summer!

Bib & Tucker

18 Leighton Beach Blvd,

North Fremantle WA 6159

Wearing: Milk & Honey Linen Top and Pants, Bianko Anklet, Oroton Bag, Gucci Heels.

Thank you for having me Peach & Pineapple.



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