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HELLO 2020

As we enter a new decade, my heart breaks for everyone affected by the devastating 2019/20 Australian bushfires. More than 6 million hectares of land has been burnt and half a million animals have perished including 1/3 of our koala population. Lives have been lost including 3 of our brave firefighters, thousands of homes destroyed and we are only at the beginning of our Summer. I feel extremely grateful that I'm not directly affected, breathing fresh air and going about my normal day while others have started the New Year with absolutely nothing - so I'm doing my part in donating, sharing relevant information and praying for rain. If you'd like to help, please donate to: WIRES, Australian Red Cross, The Salvation Army and NSW Rural Fire Service. No amount is too small.

Despite the tragedy, I have a feeling that 2020 has so much in store for all of us.

I recently started my new Instagram account, @monpeau_ which, focuses on sharing my personal skincare and beauty tips with plans to evolve into something much bigger and of course, I will also continue to provide creative direction, styling and produce high quality commercial photography for all my amazing clients through @defleurcreative and @edendefleur. My sister will be getting married in March so, I have many maid-of-honour duties over the next few months plus a little vacation in Autumn. Definitely an exciting year ahead.

Last year in review. 2019 was such an amazing but, challenging year. Traveling through Europe at the start of the year was an absolute dream. After we had settled home, Wilson started a new FIFO Project Engineering job which, really pushed me to be more independent. The year went by so quick - In February, I worked with The Perth Collective x Cirque Mount Pleasant Apartments and had the absolute pleasure of attending their beautiful launch event. In March, we celebrated my cousin's wedding and in April, we managed to plan a little road trip to Esperance - you can read about our trip here. I had the pleasure of working with so many amazing people and brands through De Fleur Creative this year and even went over to Sydney and Melbourne for work end of August/September. In September, I hosted a collaborative giveaway via @edendefleur, with my skin angels, Iconic Medispa as well as a Christmas Giveaway in December with one of my favourite Perth dessert-markers, The Honeycake. Wils resigned from his FIFO job in October (yay) then, things got really busy from November onwards as I picked up a ton of shifts in retail and also attended many amazing events at the same time including the official opening of Ritz-Carlton Perth Hotel, the launch of the new Karrinyup Fashion Loop, The Westin Festive High Tea, the launch of Vela Jewellery at The Adnate Hotel, the launch of The Old Synagogue in Fremantle and many more.



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